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598  results


Appreciated for their long-lasting flowering, from June or July to September or October, dahlias are also loved for the wide range of shapes, colors, and heights they offer. From the most traditional to the most modern, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, you will be sure to find a dahlia that suits you among the 200 varieties we offer in the most beautiful available sizes. Choose the Gallery and dwarf varieties for your borders or containers. Adopt the Landscapes, Mini-balls, or Honkas for a light and free garden. The Giants bear very large flowers. Finally, all of the decorative dahlias, excellent in flowerbeds, will also make remarkable cut flowers that last a long time in bouquets. Originally from Mexico, the Dahlia was introduced to Europe around 1800. Its bulbs or tuberous roots are sensitive to frost and must be dug up in autumn and stored dry until the last frosts.


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