Ajuga for pots

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24  results


Varieties of creeping Ajugas adapted to pot cultivation. The creeping Ajuga or bugle is a small creeping perennial plant highly appreciated for its glossy evergreen leaves and flowering spikes. Forming dense carpets in the garden that bring life to shaded areas, the Ajuga has a beautiful creeping habit ideal in a flower pot. For this purpose, compact varieties that spread less should be chosen, such as the Ajuga tenorii 'Princess Nadia', picturesque, with cream and pink foliage turning almond green, from which short floral spikes of an astonishing royal blue emerge. Or the 'Black Scallop' bugle, with dark leather leaves and blue flowers. Also consider the Ajuga reptans ‘Multicolor (Rainbow)’, with purple foliage spotted with bright pink, cream, and green under a violet flowering. On these pages, you can find the best cultivars to decorate your patio or balcony. 



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