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Ornamental foliage Agastache

4 results

4  results


A selection of Agastaches with decorative foliage. These are varieties such as Agastache fennel 'Golden Jubilee' or the hybrid 'Crazy Fortune', with golden or variegated, aromatic foliage that is decorative even outside of flowering. The Golden Agastache (Agastache aurantiaca), on the other hand, has elegant and bright grey foliage, almost white on the underside. Despite being relatively unknown, Agastaches are easy-to-grow, ornamental perennials that thrive in sunny locations. Their fragrant and generous summer flowering attracts many insects. They belong to the same family as lavender and lemon balm, and their leaves release a highly aromatic scent when crushed.

While Agastaches are water-needy in the south, they are more tolerant in northern regions. However, excessive moisture in winter can be fatal to them. Whether planted in a wild-looking meadow garden or simply in a summer border, they offer a remarkable spectacle.

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