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Coloured foliage perennials

2408 results

2408  results


Perennial plants with colourful and variegated foliage are a valuable asset for any gardener looking to create beautiful scenes throughout the gardening season, without relying on flowering. Whether they are solid, marbled, marginate, maculate, striped or striated; in black, white, blue, gold, orange, brown or red, these foliage plants will brighten up your garden from the first warm days, for 9 to 12 months a year. Discover our reliable choices: Ophiopogons, hostas, Hakonechloa and heucheras. For a graphic effect, it is important to contrast the shapes of the foliage and to juxtapose, for example, long, slender foliage with round or heart-shaped foliage, or finely cut foliage. To create a strong visual impact, also contrast the colours. Don't hesitate to combine white and black or yellow and blue in small touches, for a guaranteed decorative effect!  

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