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Arundo, better known as Provence reed, is a tall grass that can reach a height of 2.50m (8ft) to 3m (10ft) or more. Native to the south of France, it is mostly found in wet ditches with sandy soil, and its culms were once used to cover huts. The foliage persists for a long time when the winter is mild. Due to its Mediterranean origins, it has retained some sensitivity to cold. In regions with cold winters, it should be planted in a sheltered spot, facing south, protected by a wall or hedge, and the stump covered with a layer of dead leaf litter for the first 3 years. Elsewhere, it will tolerate a wider range of growing conditions but still requires a rich and deep soil. Arundo also comes with variegated leaves, in white or cream. However, be aware that variegated varieties are slightly more sensitive to cold and are slightly smaller than the typical species.

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