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Phlox seeds

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9  results


The Phlox available as seeds are mainly derived from Phlox drummondii, a low but highly floriferous annual plant with various colours, forming pretty flowering cushions during the summer. Their small leaves often give these plants a moss-like appearance, and their flowers grouped in rounded bouquets offer tender colours. Easy to grow in pots or in the ground, Drummond's Phlox need to be watered during dry weather, these plants like fertile and well-drained soils, in sunny locations. Among the perennial varieties, let's mention Phlox paniculata, vigorous, upright, bushy, but rarely available as seeds. The dwarf phlox will be perfect for bordering alleys and highlighting flower beds, but also for adorning the terrace, placed in a well-chosen pot. Sowing, which is easy, allows to quickly obtain numerous plants that will be scattered at will in the garden, not far from the house to admire up close the unique spectacle of its flowering and enjoy the incessant ballet of butterflies and other pollinating insects.

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