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16  results


Liriope, like the most well-known of them, Liriope muscari, is a hardy and evergreen bulbous perennial native to Asia, perfect for covering the soil in partial shade. Easy to maintain in the garden or in a pot, they are adorned with violet or white spikes in summer and have variable foliage ranging from almost black to variegated. This perennial, forming dense clumps of ribbon-like leaves, naturalizes easily and grows along borders and under trees, in areas often neglected by other plants. It also provides very effective protection against weeds that will gradually be suffocated by its vegetation. In the garden, Liriope muscari and Liriope spicata prefer soils of woodland areas, which often offer a fertile, light, fairly moist, and slightly acidic soil, but this undemanding plant also tolerates drought, poor soils, neutral or slightly alkaline soils. Plant Liriope sold in pots from March to June to enjoy their summer flowering, or in early autumn for more established plants. Water regularly at first, then let nature take its course!

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