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6  results


The Muehlenbeckia, from the family of Polygonaceae, is a perennial bush or climbing plant native to the southern hemisphere, mainly from New Zealand, Australia, South America, and Papua New Guinea. Disease-resistant, low-maintenance, suitable for dry gardens, Muehlenbeckia is not always very hardy: it is grown in the ground in regions where winters are mild, or in pots to overwinter in colder areas. The genus Muehlenbeckia comprises about 20 species, among which we mainly cultivate Muehlenbeckia complexa and its varieties, with a climbing habit reaching 4m (13ft), and M axillaris, which is rather creeping or trailing, not exceeding 1m (3ft). However, Muehlenbeckia astonii is also starting to be found, a rather unique bush with zigzag stems, valuable for creating surprising hedges in dry gardens and coastal areas. Muehlenbeckia is characterised by thin stems of dark brown or reddish-brown colour and tiny round leaves that persist in mild winters. The discreet flowering in late spring takes the form of small cream-white star-shaped flowers, sometimes fragrant, visited by pollinating insects.

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