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Stipa are ornamental grasses sought after either for the delicacy of their foliage, as in the case of Stipa tenuifolia, or for the elegance of their flowers, as in the case of Stipa gigantea, pennata or capillata. Stipa plants are ideal for decorating dry, windy, and arid areas of the garden. They thrive in rocky, sandy and sunny locations. Easy to grow, the only thing they dislike is excess water, which is why it is recommended to plant them in pure sand when the soil is clayey. Evergreen, Stipa foliage does not need to be pruned close to the ground, unlike Miscanthus, Panicum, or Calamagrostis. Instead, they should be combed. At the end of winter, use a rake to gently comb the leaves and remove as many dead leaves as possible. Do not pull too hard, as sometimes the old stumps can be uprooted.

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