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12  results


Indian Lilac or Lagerstroemia with decorative foliage in almost black, chocolate, purple or bronze in season. At the top of the list, the new series of 'Black Solitaire (Black Diamond)' with very dark leaves and an upright habit, with flowers of various colours. These are incredibly graphic plants to showcase. Also interesting are varieties such as 'Choco Pink' with reddish-brown young leaves and pink flowers, 'Midnight Magic' adorned with purple and dark pink flowers, or 'Berry Dazzle' very compact, with fuchsia pink flowers and bronze young shoots. This remarkably colourful foliage, decorative in itself, also enhances the long summer flowering in fluffy clusters. Indian Lilac is also appreciated for its often flamboyant autumn colours and its highly decorative bark. This bush is easy to grow in sunny and fertile but well-drained soil, either in the ground or in a container. Depending on the variety, its size ranges from a small tree of 3m in height to a bush barely exceeding one metre in height. The choice is vast, depending on whether the gardener wants to plant Lagerstroemia in the garden or in a large pot on the terrace.


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