Bushy Potentilla

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Our range of Shrub Potentillas or Potentilla fruticosa, now renamed Dasiphora fruticosa. An easy-to-grow small bush, flowering throughout the summer, the bush potentilla has a natural charm reminiscent of wild roses. It also belongs to the large family of Rosaceae. Fast-growing and very hardy, these compact and branching shrubs have deciduous foliage and small single to double cup-shaped flowers, ranging in colour from pale yellow to bright yellow and orange, and from pink to red and white, depending on the varieties. They can grow more than 1.20m in all directions for the most vigorous ones, such as Potnentilla 'Goldfinger', with the average size being around 75-80 cm, as with the type species Potentilla fruticosa. Some varieties, like Potentilla fruticosa 'Orangissima', do not exceed 40-50 cm in height but spread as a groundcover. Not water-demanding, shrub potentillas grow in permeable, poor, well-drained soils, which are not too chalky, in sunny or partially shaded locations. Pruning, after flowering, consists of maintaining a tidy habit. Shrub potentillas are used in groups or in large borders. Mix them with perennial geraniums or lavenders. Tip: Plant varieties with orange, red, or pink flowers in shaded areas, as they fade in the sun.


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