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Shade-loving hedges

114 results

114  results


hedge for shade is entirely possible by choosing low-maintenance shrubs that tolerate a lack of sunlight and north-facing exposures, such as Aucuba, often overlooked despite its countless qualities. You will find on these pages a wide selection of evergreen foliage shrubs, which retain their leaves in winter, or conversely deciduous shrubs, devoid of leaves in winter. Some even manage to flower in the shade, adding to the charm of the foliage, the beauty or fragrance of the flowers, or the colour of the fruits, like many hydrangeas or laurels. Variegated or golden foliage is also well suited to brightening up dark areas of the garden, especially as they often fear sunburn. When planting, respect a spacing of 80 cm (32in) to 1 m (3ft) between each plant, depending on the size it will reach at maturity. Our range includes species and varieties ranging from 1 m (3ft) in height to over 5 m (16ft), to meet every situation. Some tolerate pruning well, while others which are naturally compact, do without it and require very little maintenance.  Discover our selection of shrubs to personalise your shady hedge.

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