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Gallic Roses

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8  results


Derived from Rosa gallica, the ancient Gallic rose or French rose, these roses, already cultivated by the Greeks and Romans, are among the oldest varieties planted in modern gardens. Their flagship is Rosa officinalis, the Rose of Provins or apothecary Rose, brought back from Asia by Thibault IV of Champagne during the Crusades. Their flowers are often dark in colour, well-proportioned, and they have few thorns. Forming low, spreading bushes, these roses have a unique flowering and are easy to grow, robust, and well-adapted to our climate. The famous 'Charles de Mills', 'Cardinal de Richelieu' or 'Tuscany Superb' are among those roses that need no introduction and stand guard, almost without  maintenance, in old gardens. They are equally reliable choices for our modern gardens!

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