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Kumquat trees

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4  results


Kumquat, Fortunella japonica in Latin, or Marumi, is one of the most easy-to-grow citrus trees as it is hardy down to -10°C (14°F). It is appreciated for its ornamental qualities and for its small fruits that resemble miniature oranges and are consumed in their entirety. It catches your attention twice a year: in summer, with its tiny and remarkably fragrant citrus flowers, and in winter, thanks to its beautiful orange-colored fruits.

Kumquat Fukushu, also known as Kumquat Jiangsu stands out from other Kumquat varieties with its rounder dark green leaves, softer peel, and more acidic flesh. Fortunella margarita, also known as the Nagami Kumquat is probably the most commonly marketed Kumquat species. It is a vigorous, floriferous, and fruit-bearing bush. Its highly fragrant small white flowers are followed by small oval-shaped fruits, which are less sweet than those of the round Kumquat.

Relatively hardy, Kumquats can be planted in the ground in many regions spared from severe frosts. Otherwise, they can always be grown in pots and stored away at the first cold spells. Kumquats appreciate light, deep, fertile, non-calcareous soils that remain moist during the growth period.

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