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7  results


The American blueberry or Stokes Aster, native to China but naturalised in North America for a long time, is a top-notch ornamental plant. It has retained the purity and harmony that characterises wild flowers. Undemanding in terms of soil quality, it is content with a sunny corner of the garden. It works beautifully when planted in groups with Damask nigellas, in front of summer or autumn asters, alongside purple rudbeckias, shrubby salvias, daylilies, and gauras. Too rare in our gardens, it can withstand almost anything and truly deserves to be planted in sunny borders and beds, rock gardens, or even in large pots. Stokesias are easy to grow in ordinary, well-drained soil and full sun, although they tolerate partial shade. Even though they appreciate moist soil, they surprisingly tolerate drought well. This plant is not susceptible to diseases or pests.


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