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Blue flowering shrubs

140 results

140  results


Shrubs with blue flowers, such as hydrangeas. are sought after as they evoke tranquility and images of the seaside.  In the garden, the colour blue is often carried by the very popular, yet equally charming, ceanothus. This highly flowering shrub is also appreciated for its evergreen foliage. In a different style, we also love the Solanum rantonnetii or the blue potato bush, whose flowers display a beautiful purple-blue colour, punctuated with a yellow centre. Finally, to give an exotic touch to your garden, why not try the remarkable Hibiscus Blue Bird?  The flowering of all of these shrubs never ceases to charm us; classic or extravagant, in clusters or in stars, with a fresh and discreet light blue or a deep navy blue.   They are easy to combine with other plants, whether in a hedge or in a flower bed, and we would be wrong to deprive ourselves of them. To make your choice, we offer a selection of no less than 60 shrubs with blue flowers: discover them!

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