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Polygonatum - Solomon's Seal

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6  results


Solomon's Seal (Polygonatum in Latin) is a superb perennial plant of the undergrowth that forms arched stems in spring, adorned with small tubular flowers, pendulous and similar to lily-of-the-valley flowers, but without the fragrance. In the middle of summer, the flowers transform into small black berries covered with a whitish bloom. The dark green foliage, often whitish on the underside, is variegated with white or cream in some varieties. Perfectly hardy, Solomon's Seal likes shaded, cool, and humus-rich areas. It will find its place in the undergrowth, the edge of the undergrowth, in a fresh rockery, or on a semi-shaded slope. It grows under the same conditions as hostas, Epimediums, Ophiopogons, creeping comfreys, and periwinkles. European species, although less spectacular, tolerate dry shade more than their Asian counterparts.


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