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Westringia Rosemary

4 results

4  results


Discover Westringia or Australian rosemary bushes. Westringia is a bush from the lamiaceae family that easily adapts to regions with mild winters. This plant has white, mauve or blue flowers and small evergreen leaves that resemble those of rosemary. It is very resistant to drought and salt spray, so perfectly suited for coastal or Mediterranean gardens. There are several varieties, including the Westringia 'Smookie' with slightly variegated leaves under its white flowers. Its compact habit is well suited for smaller spaces. The low dense and wide 'Mundi' variety forms an elegant ground cover. Discover them on these pages.

Westringia is useful for creating hedges, in shrub beds or containers. This bush thrives in sun or partial shade in well-drained, slightly acidic to neutral soil. Westringias tolerate drought well once established. Regular pruning will help maintain a compact habit and abundant flowering.


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