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Adaptable shrubs

158 results

158  results


A large number of bushes and trees are very accommodating when it comes to their growing conditions: they are easy to live with and tolerate a wide range of soil types (from slightly dry to slightly moist) as well as pH levels (from slightly acidic to slightly alkaline). Among these champions of adaptability, are the Ebbing's bushes (Elaeagnus ebbingei), which are healthy and very strong bushes that can even withstand sea spray, the barberries which are very effective as defensive hedges, the mock oranges with their fragrant flowers in early summer, and the blood red dogwood and its varieties, which are equally at ease in heavy clay as in lighter and drier soils.
However, you should avoid exposing them to extreme conditions, such as very acidic or waterlogged or very shallow soil, where even the most robust of bushes and plans could still reach their limits.
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