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12  results


Dierama, also known as the Angel's Fishing Rod, is a perennial bulbous plant full of poetry, with its delicate foliage and tufted habit resembling grasses. It charms especially with its elusive summer flowering, in the form of graceful arching inflorescences that dance at the slightest breeze and bend, like fishing rods, under the weight of flower clusters. The most well-known and beautiful is called Dierama pulcherrimum, whose bell-shaped flowers come in different shades of pink, ranging from almost white to almost black. However, there are over forty species and numerous equally interesting cultivars for the garden. These evergreen plants with corms, native to damp meadows or mountain slopes in tropical and southern Africa, are hardy enough to withstand short freezes of around -8°C (17.6°F) in our mild regions. Plant these wonders in light and moist soil in full sun, and protect them during winter, their exceptional beauty is well worth attempting to acclimate them in the garden!

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