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Red astrantia

12 results

12  results


Our collection Astrantias with red flowers. Among the most well-known are Astrantia major 'Moulin Rouge', very floriferous and of a dark red, Astrantia major 'Ruby Star' and its umbels of a purple red and of course Astrantia major 'Rubra', a beautiful wine-red form of Astrantia major. The Astrantias, also called "stars of the meadow", are very beautiful perennial plants of fresh meadows forming small umbels of flowers surrounded by pearly bracts here coloured in different shades of red, from the brightest to the darkest, chiseled like jewels. Also discover the cultivar 'Burgundy Manor', with its rich and subtle colours, which retains its beautiful colour throughout its long perpetual flowering. Or the Astrantia 'Ruby Flame', which stands out for its earliness, duration and abundance of its bright red flowering.

In the garden, these perennial plants will grow in the middle of flower beds or borders, associated with campanulasperennial geraniums and form magnificent compositions, associated with foxgloves or Heucheras.


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