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White Bergenia

7 results

7  results


Our Bergenias or white-flowered cobbler plants. Known for its clusters of pink flowers, Bergenia cordifolia is adorned with white flowers in the cultivars 'Bressingham White' or 'Jelle'. Bergenia ciliata has a more or less white flowering depending on the forms. The white is dressed with a touch of pink in Bergenia 'Silberlicht', a pretty variety with spring flowering. To venture off the beaten path, try the hybrid bergenia 'Ice Queen', a prolific creeping plant with discreet elegance, whose green and cream bell-shaped flowers emerge in spring from a lovely evergreen foliage. All our varieties of white-flowered cobbler plants are perfect for bringing a touch of light to the slightly shaded areas of the garden.

Robust and undemanding, bergenias are good ground cover plants, perfectly hardy. With a creeping rhizomatous stump and ample, tough and evergreen foliage, they form pretty carpets that even flower in partial shade. Plant them in numbers to fill the edge of a shrub border, at the base of a shaded wall, in a cool rockery...


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