Hedge Conifers

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32  results


Conifers allow you to create beautiful evergreen screens, ideal for fencing, structuring your garden, and protecting it from prying eyes. These evergreens are highly appreciated for trimmed or free-form hedges: elegant and discreet, their dark green foliage fades into the background of flowering bushes or perennial flower beds, while enlivening the garden in winter and creating effective wind protection.

Numerous species are suitable for this purpose, with the best candidates among Thuja, Cupressocyparis, Cypress, and yew varieties. While everyone is familiar with Leyland cypress due to its abundant use, it is less known in its free-form, which is magnificent. Thuja plicata, Taxus baccata, Chamaecyparis lawsoniana, and many others are highly sought after for forming a year-round green screen.

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