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Microcitrus - Finger Lime

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4  results


The famous Caviar Lime is highly sought after by Chefs around the world! It is an Australian citrus tree, which is small in all its parts, hence its genus name Microcitrus. The slender and fragile branches, bear tiny leaves, minuscule spines, and green fruits, no bigger than a finger.

The pulp of these small fruits, composed of small juicy and crunchy beads is delicious, which is the origin of its popularity and its nickname "caviar lime". The fruits are harvested from October to December.

In general, citrus trees thrive in open ground in Mediterranean coastal regions where they find the necessary warmth all year round. But to fruit well, they must not lack water or nutrients. The caviar lime is not very hardy and it starts to suffer from the cold as soon as it reaches -3°C. It is a self-fertile bush, which means that a single individual is enough for complete pollination and fruiting.

It is recommended to grow Microcitrus australasica in a pot which allows the plant to be protected in winter.

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