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Small fruits at a small price

36 results

36  results


A selection of small fruits at a small price, our best value for money! You will find on these pages a wide range of small fruits that are inexpensive for the pleasure of tasty harvests without breaking the bank. Strawberry plants like the 'Mara des Bois' or the 'Gariguette', raspberry plants like 'Zeva', blackcurrant bushes ('Black Down', the wild blackcurrant Ribes nigrum) a classic like the redcurrant bush with red clusters and its cousin the gooseberry bush ('Hinnonmaki green') or even table grapevines with delicious grapes ('Vanessa', 'Phoenix'...). In this category, the gourmet gardener will also find the female kiwis 'Bruno' and 'Monty' and many others. We offer over 30 varieties of fruit bushes at very affordable prices to create a small gourmet hedge or border your vegetable garden. Perfect for making your own harvests and creating delicious jams, pies, and pastries!

Also check out our advice sheets "Planting small fruits" and "Small fruits: tips for beautiful fruits".

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