Buddleja -Butterfly bush

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Buddleias or Butterfly Bushes with their elegant branches are, as their name suggests, shrubs that bear flower spikes whose pleasant scent attracts butterflies. They can reach a height of 4m and have deciduous leaves that are 20cm long, grey-green in colour. Their colour varies depending on the variety: Buddleja davidii White Profusion, with large pure white panicles with yellow eye to Buddleja 'Nanho Purple', purple with orange eyes and a spreading habit. Originally from China, the hardy Buddleias should be planted in deep, well-drained soil, even poor and chalky soils, in sunny locations and protected from strong winds. Pruning consists of cutting back all the shoots of the year as close to the stump as possible between November and February. Butterfly Bushes are used either individually or in groups in flower beds and hedges, often paired with potentillas for a nice contrast. 

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