Liriodendron - Tulip tree

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Liriodendron tulipifera is a remarkable tree with its strangely cut, truncated leaves and its tulip-shaped flowers. The Tulip Tree is native to the South and East of the United States and can live up to 300 years with a height of 25 m. The deciduous foliage is yellow-green in spring and summer, gradually turning yellow in autumn.

The flowers of the Liriodendron bloom from May to July and are solitary, composed of 9 very light green to white tepals in the shape of a tulip. They are slightly fragrant.

The 'Fastigiata' variety has a columnar habit and is ideal for small gardens. The 'Aureomarginatum' variety is surprising with its bright green foliage strongly edged with yellow in spring and taking beautiful orange hues in autumn. It is also appreciated for its flowering in the form of pale green cups which are orange at the base.

These trees prefer rich and well-drained soil and are used as a specimen tree in a sunny or semi-shaded exposure.

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