Large Butterfly bush

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Our range of large butterfly bushes, among the most vigorous Buddleias, reaching up to 4 m (13ft) in height. These large hardy shrubs, very floriferous in summer, attract pollinators with their honey-scented flowers and are remarkable when planted alone or in a large flowering hedge. In this category, we find many varieties derived from Buddleia davidii, the butterfly bush, especially 'Pink Delight' with pink spikes, 'Black Knight' with dark purple flower spikes, 'Royal Red' in bright red-pink, or Buddleia davidii 'White Profusion' in pure white. Some stand out for their variegated foliage, such as the cultivar 'Harlequin'. Very different, Buddleia alternifolia is a tall shrub with a weeping habit, of undeniable elegance, with long branches covered in lilac-pink flowers in summer. In regions not too cold, one can easily acclimate Buddleia colvilei, a large and beautiful botanical species that can reach 4 m (13ft) in height.

Butterfly bushes, graceful, fast-growing, and easy to grow, offer a beautiful diversity in terms of colours and foliage. The larger varieties can be planted in an informal hedge with other shrubs, at the back of a flowerbed, or planted alone in grass where their languid habit works wonders.

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