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The Pomegranate, in Latin Punica granatum, symbol of Mediterranean civilizations, is a small deciduous tree or bush known for its large sun-filled fruits that are harvested at the end of summer. It is also appreciated for its appearance and ornamental qualities. From the stout and gnarled small tree to the dense bush in its 'Nana' form on terraces and balconies, it offers decorative crinkled flowers during a long summer period. Whether single or double, a beautiful bright orange-red on the species or charmingly variegated with salmon and white in the cultivar 'Madame Legrelliae', the pomegranate flowers are always enhanced by shiny foliage of a vibrant apple green. A lover of heat and very undemanding, the fruiting pomegranate needs a long, hot summer to ripen its beautiful grenades covered in a pink-copper skin. Only varieties with single flowers produce fruit. Cultivated since antiquity, it is a slow-growing shrub with a long lifespan, capable of living up to 200 years. It is hardy down to -15°C (5°F).


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