Long-flowering shrubs

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996  results


These trees and bushes are marathoners: they will offer you their colourful attire without flinching, for at least 3 months! Some will bloom for a long period without interruption, others will take a break and then come back later. Discover the extraordinary generosity of these varieties that bloom for a long time through our selection, starting with the classic Abelias and Hibiscus syriacus, with their delicate flowering in the middle and end of summer, the Darley heathers that brighten our winters, the hydrangeas with their evolving inflorescence, but also with less common plants like Callistemon laevis, a bit frost-sensitive but with remarkable exotic bottlebrushes in late spring and late summer! More subtle, Heptacodium blooms from August to September, and then reflowers another one to two additional months!