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4  results


Brahea, like the most famous Mexican blue palm (Brahea armata), are among the most beautiful palms.  They are resistant enough to the cold to be planted in the ground, outside of very cold and wet regions. Originating from arid to semi-desert areas in America, from Mexico to Nicaragua, they are also excellent candidates for dry gardens, in poor or sandy soil. Gardeners in more continental climates can grow them in containers, to enjoy the austere beauty of their fan-shaped metallic palm leaves, and shelter them in a greenhouse during winter. Brahea palms can reach up to 15m (49ft) in height, but they will remain more modest in size in containers. They are characterised by a false trunk or sturdy, stocky stipe, topped with a large rounded crown composed of large, rigid, costapalmate leaves in a fan shape. Flowers emerge between the leaves on mature plants.


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