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85  results


Magnolias are cultivated for their large, often early and delicately scented flowers, of unparalleled elegance. Solitary, the flowers are of various colours: red, violet, pink, white, yellow, and even black, depending on the varieties. Cup-shaped and upright like Magnolia x soulangeana or M. sprengeri; trailing for Magnolia wilsonii, M.globosa, M. sieboldii or M. fusiform and elongated in the case of Magnolia liliflora or M. 'Susan'. Varying in height, magnolias are classified into two categories: tall trees ranging from 10 to 20m (33 to 66ft) in height and bushes ranging from 2.50m (8ft) to 5m (16ft) in height. They prefer cool, light, and humus-rich soil, appreciate sun or partial shade, and mostly prefer a location protected from cold and dry winds.

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