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Purple flowering shrubs

235 results

235  results


The purple, mauve, or crimson flowering shrubs, evergreen or deciduous, are highly appreciated in the garden. Among them, we particularly like the traditional Lilac, which, in its original version, displays generous clusters of a beautiful crimson mauve in spring. And in summer, it's the turn of the beautiful butterfly bush or Buddleia, to offer its numerous flowers.

Remarkable, these shrubs are also very easy to pair as the color of their flowers matches a wide range of shades. In the garden, they can be planted in a flowering hedge, as well as in a flower bed or even as standalone specimens for larger ones.

For a soft atmosphere, opt for the tender mauve of the Tiffany Hydrangea. When combined with other varieties with white flowers, it's perfect for creating a fresh ambiance. Deeper and more refined, the purple flowerings like that of the Black Tulip Magnolia will bring a slightly mysterious, almost dreamlike touch to the garden.

Discover our selection of purple, mauve, and crimson flowering shrubs: we offer you the best varieties to bloom your garden, regardless of the season and the desired ambiance!

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