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Larix - Larch

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11  results


The larches or Larix are a group of unique conifers, with deciduous foliage that is almost fluorescent in spring and ignites in autumn. However, they are related to pines and belong to the same family, Pinaceae. They are native to mountainous and cool regions of the northern hemisphere and exhibit rapid growth for botanical species, like Larix decidua, the European larch, which reaches a height of 30m (98ft), or the Japanese Larix kaempferi, a forest species with a majestic narrow conical habit. Larches are extremely hardy plants and well adapted to cold or montane climates. They are averse to arid conditions and clay and compact soils, but tolerate waterlogged, poor, acidic soils well. They thrive in very sunny locations, not far from water sources.

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