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31  results


Abelias are stunning shrubs that can grow up to one metre in height. They are highly floriferous and ideal for small gardens. These shrubs produce pointed, ovate leaves and delicate pale pink flowers that emit a slight fragrance throughout the summer. In the spring, the reddish young shoots of the Abelias are very decorative. The grandiflora varieties are more vigorous but can only withstand temperatures down to -10°C (14°F), such as the Abelia grandiflora "Francis Masson" with semi-trailing variegated golden foliage. Originating from China, Abelias are planted in light, well-drained soil, even if it is limestone, in sunny locations. They tolerate wind and seaside conditions well. Pruning is limited to thinning out the habit after flowering and removing old wood. Abelias are used as standalone plants, flower beds, or free-standing hedges, often accompanied by Leycesteria formosa (Pheasant Berry) for a nice contrast.  

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