Well-drained and rocky soil shrubs

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237  results


Some bushes appreciate growing in well-drained and rocky soils: in these environments, the soil is generally poor in nutrients, and these species are therefore very undemanding. Moreover, the lifespan of most of them will be reduced if you place them in soil that is too rich in nutrients. Water infiltrates quickly and reserves are quickly consumed, which means that, for the most part, these plants have also learned to tolerate more or less pronounced droughts. Among them are the Spanish broom, Agaves, or the pineapple broom, which are plants from the Mediterranean region, as well as tamarisks and the gorse, perfectly at ease by the sea. Others, like Irish heather, require both a very well-drained and always moist and acidic soil.
Plants from the Proteaceae family (Leucadendron, Hakea, Banksia...) are a somewhat special group: not very hardy and delicate to grow, they are particularly sensitive to limestone as well as the presence of nitrates and phosphates, and a massive fertilizer input will certainly kill them.
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