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Hedge Butterfly bush

25 results

25  results


A selection of Butterfly Bushes well suited for hedging. These are large, undemanding bushes, reaching over 2m (7ft) in height, with fast growth and a long, fragrant summer flowering that attracts many pollinating insects. Several varieties derived from Buddleia davidii, the father David's butterfly tree, make remarkable informal hedging plants. Especially 'Black Knight' in dark purple, 'Royal Red' in bright red-pink, 'Pink Delight' with pink spikes, or Buddleia davidii 'White Profusion' in pure white. Some stand out for their variegated foliage, such as the cultivar 'Harlequin'. Very different, Buddleia alternifolia, which resists everything, is a large bush with a weeping habit and long branches covered in lilac-pink flowers of undeniable elegance. In not too cold regions, Buddleia colvilei, a large and beautiful botanical species, can reach 4m (13ft) in height. In Mediterranean gardens, opt for Buddleia officinalis, a small tree highly resistant to drought, which flowers pink in late winter.

The Butterfly Bushes, truly graceful and easy to live with, offer a beautiful diversity in terms of colours and foliage, allowing them to be combined with all the flowering shrubs in the garden.


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