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Guillot Generosa Roses

41 results

41  results


The roses in the Generosa range by Guillot are recent hybrids, sturdy, floriferous, perpetual, healthy and less prone to diseases, with fully cupped flowers that have the charm of old roses. They all share the same generosity in their shapes, colours, fragrances, and offer bunches of flowers from summer until the first cold weather. Fragrant and vigorous like 'Martine Guillot', they combine the hardy qualities of old roses with the advantages of modern roses. Superb in flowerbeds, some are well-suited for container gardening, like the flamboyant 'Emilien Guillot' or the candid 'Chantal Thomass'. Others can even be trained as small climbers to adorn an arch or pillar. Depending on the varieties, they are suitable for all uses and their cut flowers will make beautiful bouquets for your home. These roses are easy to grow, their cultivation is within reach of all gardeners, even beginners.

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