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5  results


The Drimys, sometimes called Tasmanian pepper or Magellan cinnamon, are evergreen bushes from the Winteraceae family, not very hardy (up to -10°C (14°F)) but full of charm. The genus includes about thirty species, but Drimys winteri and D. aromatica (syn. lanceolata) and their varieties are mainly cultivated, originating from Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, and South America.

Enjoying mild climates as well as humus-rich, acidic, and cool soils, they will particularly thrive on the Atlantic coasts and the English Channel. Drimys are characterised by a graceful habit, aromatic and evergreen foliage in winter, coloured red and orange in spring, and a fragrant flowering in paniculate clusters of small star-shaped flowers. They are sometimes followed by small round, black, and aromatic fruits, which were once used by local populations as a substitute for pepper. Growing to heights of 1.50m (5ft) to 3m (10ft) depending on the varieties, these beautiful bushes find their place in borders, hedges, as specimens, or even in large containers, which allows them to be protected from the cold in winter. 

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