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Antennaria, commonly known as Cat's-foot or pussytoes, are small perennial plants of the Asteraceae family, originating from temperate and cold regions of the Northern Hemisphere. The most well-known among gardeners, Antennaria dioica, grows wild in our mountains, in rocky meadows and dry short lawns. There are around sixty species of Antennaria, but the most cultivated is Antennaria dioica. This lovely rock plant comes in several varieties with flowers of various colours: red in Antennaria dioica 'Rubra', pink, or even white, as in Antennaria dioica 'Borealis'. Antennaria is a small ground-covering plant with hairy foliage that measures between 10 and 20 cm (4 and 8in) (up to a maximum of 30 cm (12in)) when in bloom. It gradually spreads by emitting shoots, thus forming a very soft ground cover that limits the spread of unwanted weeds. Antennaria thrives in the sun in relatively poor and dry, even rocky, well-draining soil, preferably neutral to acidic. It is perfect for covering a rock garden, on a stone wall, on a green roof, etc.


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