Drought-tolerant perennials

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1974  results


Discover our selection of drought-resistant perennials, to be planted in a dry and sunny garden, in a rockery or in dry shade. These are water-saving, frugal and easy-to-grow plants that do not require watering in most regions. Let's mention the campanulate, the ciliums, the nepetas, and the agastaches that bloom all summer in sunny flower beds and borders. The ice plants and the sedums, as well as the aubrietas and the campanulates of the walls, are essential in a rockery garden. Many grasses such as the Miscanthus, as well as a beautiful palette of euphorbias and some asters (group of Aster ericoides, Aster cordifolius for example) grow and bloom without requiring much care. In dry shade, under large trees for example, do not hesitate to plant robust ground cover plants without worry: liriopes, ophiopogons, some carex, as well as perennial geraniums macrorrhizum and small periwinkles (Vinca minor) for example.

Whether your soil is acidic or calcareous, stony, sandy or dried out by tree roots, at the foot of hedges, drained by the natural slope of a bank, you will find in these pages a wide choice of drought-resistant perennials to enhance your garden without watering. Please note, all plants, even the most frugal, must be carefully planted and regularly watered during the initial period to help them establish themselves permanently. Of course, during years of extreme drought and heatwaves, a garden still needs monitoring.

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