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Ulmus - Elm

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15  results


The Genus Ulmus comprises around thirty species, all distributed in the northern hemisphere. They are generally large deciduous trees. Ulmus x hollandica 'Wredei' is a variety of elm that will become a centrepiece of the garden over time. It is covered with small undulate and golden leaves that play with the sun, and it slowly forms an ideal upright column in the background of the flower bed or in partially shaded areas. Ulmus hollandica 'Jacqueline Hillier', on the other hand, is a small bush with a twisted habit and warm autumn colours. Its unique morphology fits perfectly in small spaces and Japanese-inspired gardens. Ulmus minor 'Suberosa' is a rare form of our Field Elm, but it grows much slower and develops cork on the branches over time.

The elms in our flora are perfectly adapted to our climates, tolerating a wide range of neutral to alkaline soils, including heavy, chalky, and dry soils. In any case, all elms thrive away from the scorching sun, in ordinary but damp and deep soil.

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