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Lavatera seeds

9 results

9  results


The lavateras form in the space of a season beautiful bushy clumps that flower freely for over 3 months, from summer to the first cold weather. These cousins of mallows, widely planted in old gardens, bear beautiful funnel-shaped flowers reminiscent of hibiscus flowers, with a satin texture that enhances vibrant colours ranging from white to blood red. Most of these plants are derived from Lavatera trimestris, grown as an annual plant in our climate. The flowers of the lavatera are short-lived, but continuously renew on the plant, especially when faded flowers are regularly removed. The large seeds contained in their black capsules are really easy to sow in spring, directly in the open ground, when temperatures warm up. Essential in 'cottage gardens' lavateras easily find their place in 'mixed borders' and annual flowerbeds. A single packet of Lavatera trimestris seeds can supply flowers for multiple flower beds, with always very fresh colours.


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