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Ceanothus for pot-growing

7 results

7  results

A selection of Ceanothus or Californian Lilacs suitable for pot and container cultivation. Like creeping ceanothus, Ceanothus repens and C. prostratus, or bushy and compact like 'Italian Skies' ceanothus, these evergreen shrubs with slow growth are suitable for pot cultivation. In spring, they provide a very beautiful touch of blue, from the softest blue to the brightest blue, on the terrace or balcony. Apart from the magnificent spring flowering, the dense foliage of evergreen Ceanothus, with its beautiful shiny green, makes them attractive all year round. Many cultivars of Ceanothus can be grown in containers, as long as they are of a good size and filled with a free-draining growing mix. Let's mention Ceanothus 'Blue Diamond', a bush with bright blue flowers in May-June. Or the sublime 'Blue Sapphire' with intensely sapphire-blue flowers from April to July, with a spreading habit. The cultivar 'Cool Blue' with elegant variegated foliage and the amazing 'Tuxedo' ceanothus with dark foliage. Californian Lilacs thrive in the city, on a well-exposed terrace or a sunny balcony. They also tolerate sea spray, making them ideal for flowering on a balcony on the coast. Native to California, evergreen Ceanothus prefer regions with mild winters. Container-grown plants are sensitive to temperatures below -5°C (23°F). They can be overwintered in a bright and unheated space.  

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