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Bush Hydrangeas

115 results

115  results


The shrubby hydrangeas, generally of the paniculata, heteromalla or aspera species, form large upright bushes.  Their rapid growth allows them to reach a height of 1.50m (5ft) to 3m (10ft) in a few years.

New cultivars of Hydrangea paniculata have white flowers (like the traditional Kyushu) which take on pink tones (like the already classic Vanilla Strawberry) or even distinctly red shades (Pinky Winky, Mega Mindy,...) at the end of the season. Often tinged with purple and mauve, the flatter flowers of Hydrangea aspera are highly decorative in shady gardens.

Shrub hydrangeas do not require pruning, however Hydrangea paniculata tolerates pruning, even severe pruning. They are also more tolerant of soil types and accept slightly chalkier soils.

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