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Leucanthemum - Marguerite

33 results

33  results


The Leucanthemum or Leucanthemum are perennial Daisies (-15°C (5°F)) with a height of about 1m (3ft) that come in many species. Their long and generous blooms are beautiful in flower beds or rockeries and even in vegetable gardens. The are easy to grow, they like fertile, fresh, well-drained soil. Fast-growing, Leucanthemums differ in the shape of their flowers or their form. The 'Petite Princesse d'Argent' variety is dwarf (40cm (16in)) with white flowers, while 'Aglaïa' has superb double white flowers. Let's not forget the wonderful 'Banana Cream' variety with lemon-yellow flowers that fade to become butter yellow and 'Victorian Secret' with a height of 60cm (24in) and double white flowers. Ideal as cut flowers, in flower beds, mix them with Coreopsis, Gaillardias or Echinaceas.


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