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7  results


The Sweet FlagAcorus, Calamus, also known as Japanese Rush or Aromatic Reed, is a perennial plant that grows well in moist conditions and is often used in aromatherapy, especially the Acorus calamus. Cultivate Acorus near water sources, on riverbanks, in heavy or marshy soil, in full sun or partial shade. They can tolerate full sun or partial shade. Sweet flag plants have linear, semi-evergreen foliage that looks very pretty. You can complement the beauty of your garden by planting them alongside other plants that thrive in moist, partially shaded areas, such as Japanese irises, loosestrifes, and Asian primroses. In addition, some varieties of Sweet flag plants have fancy foliage, such as the Variegated Sweet flag and the Acorus gramineus Ogon. The former has bright green foliage streaked with creamy yellow, while the latter forms dense clumps of chartreuse green foliage striped with creamy yellow and has exceptionally bright leaves.

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