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Our range of Nelumbo or Lotus. Discover beautiful varieties of Nelumbo nucifera, the famous Sacred Lotus of India, and the Nelumbo lutea, its much rarer yellow cousin from America. An emblematic aquatic plant, a sublime perennial pond plant, the Nelumbo genus only consists of these two species. They belong to the Nelumbonaceae family. Nelumbo originates from Asia, Australia, and the Americas and offers a fascinating visual spectacle with its majestic flowers emerging from tranquil waters.

Nelumbo is an aquatic perennial plant with spongy, thick, ramified rhizome-bearing tubercles fixed in the mud. It is characterised by large round leaves and delicate petal flowers rising above the water. Among the remarkable varieties, we can mention the Nelumbo nucifera 'Alba Grandiflora' with its magnificent white flowers or 'Mrs. Perry D. Slocum' with petals that change colour over the days. Or the lotus 'Empress', which seduces with its large pink flowers and majestic appearance. Each variety is unique, but they all share the same natural grace. This makes the lotus, like Nymphaea, one of the most beautiful plants in natural ponds, water gardens, and other bodies of water. Discover them in this selection.

To thrive, Nelumbo requires a sunny exposure and rich, moist soil. It ideally thrives in shallow ponds with stagnant or weakly flowing water. Once established, it requires little maintenance but offers an impressive spectacle. Its rhizomes are susceptible to frost, so it must be planted deep enough to withstand winter.


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