Spring-flowering Magnolia

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Spring-flowering Magnolias. These small trees or bushes offer gardeners abundant flowering, among the most extraordinary of spring, from March-April to May-June depending on the varieties. Blooms emerge from large hairy buds clearly visible on branches still lacking in leaves, and open into the star shapes of Magnolia stellata and its varieties, the goblets of Magnolia soulangeana, or indeed the candle shapes of Magnolia liliflora Nigra. They offer a beautiful palette of colours ranging from white to purple, including pink or even yellow, as in Magnolia 'Gold Star' or 'Daphne'. Some are pleasantly fragrant. Much rarer, a few evergreen varieties also bloom in spring, particularly hybrids of Michelia such as Magnolia Fairy Blush or Fairy White. In this category, we mainly find deciduous magnolias derived from species native to China, Nepal or Japan. 

These bushes that herald spring are a blessing for today's gardener. Compact and easy to maintain, they are not susceptible to diseases, parasites, or pollution. A location sheltered from cold winds and a light, fresh, neutral to slightly acidic soil is usually sufficient to satisfy them.


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