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Tanacetum or Chrysanthemum coccineum or Pyrethrum is a robust perennial herbaceous plant, originating from mountainous regions of southwest Asia and the Caucasus. In spring this plant forms a mound of finely cut foliage in a matt green-grey colour, reminiscent of yarrow, and highly aromatic.  Flowering occurs from May to July, depending on the climate, and can continue into September. The inflorescences are large heads measuring 6 to 7 cm (2 to 3in), composed of a row of ligulate petals in dark red as in 'Robinson's Red' or pink as in 'Robinson Rose', surrounding a golden yellow centre. This abundant flowering, if the soil does not dry out too much, gives way to easily self-sowing seeds in light soil.

Tansy (Tanacetum vulgare in Latin), is a tall native perennial herbaceous plant, displaying beautiful golden yellow flowers in flat clusters from mid-summer to mid-autumn, dominating a superbly aromatic fern-like foliage. Very easy to grow, this fragrant plant is essential in organic vegetable gardens for the preparation of liquid manure, infusion, or decoction, as it is a natural first-choice insecticide that also acts as a repellent while being highly ornamental.

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